11 September 2010

Muslim marriage in Hat Yai, Songkhla.

A lot of people is wondering how and what to do if you need to get married in Thailand. I was also wondering about the same question before. A lot of blogs will tell you partially what you need in order to do it but almost all of them will offer you their services to help. With costs, of course. Sometimes, unreasonable costs.

I will tell you of my own journey. My journey of getting married in Thailand without a middleman. A marriage that was solemnised in the office of the Islamic Council of Songkhla itself with the documents notarised by the Malaysian Consulate in Songkhla with a budget of NOT MORE than RM1000. I want to help you plan your own journey there without feeling lost, afraid or pressurised. A trip that will only take about 1 - 2 days depending on YOUR choice. All the procedures, paperworks and regulations can be done within that time. All decisions and choices are yours to make without having any doubts.

I am not a marriage agent and have no inclination to be one. What I wish to do here is just to share the information and knowledge that I have gathered myself so that those of you inclined, can also follow my steps. So that you can think for yourself and see how these so-called agents are making a lot of money out of people who are in need.

Because I am short of time at the moment, I will continue within the next couple of days....


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    date Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 10:11 PM
    subject dah sampai masanya kita bersatu & tubuhkan konsortium agar matta fair mac 2011 mampu diadakan antara kita, setuju kawan2?
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    matta fair:

    http://www.matta.org.my/ biar lebih ramai tahu pasal servis mulia kita ini + zero maksiat serta buang bayi lantas bala!



    2010/12/9 TARIKAT NOHIYAH



  3. komen untuk http://nikahhatyaisiam.blogspot.com yang anti sindiket nikah bukan palsu.

    untuk makluman tuan punya blog, sedangkan MAIS pun caj rm500 for sijil2 mereka. depa pun berniaga, beb.

    tak macam bangkok & sydney, seberapa ikhlas.

    phuket pun on the way. semoga selatan thailand jua.

  4. http://nikah-siam-berkat.blogspot.com/2011/01/offer-sebelum-perang-dunia-ke-3.html

  5. how to get to the islamic council of songkla from hatyai?

  6. You can either get a tuk tuk or call the number of the guy who helped me while I was there to arrange it. Ismail (Tel +66899114466). He will be able to drive you to the Islamic Council and then directly to the Consulate for verification of letters.

    There is a pictorial blog on where to get the tuk tuk or the bus but unfortunately the blogger just posted pictures without much of an explanation. Try out http://nikah-siam-berkat.blogspot.com/2010/12/aturan-use-jeep-thai-rm2-di-menara-jam.html

  7. is any documents needed to be handed in before the procedure?

  8. i plan to going in July..we both singaporean..he is married..so how can we nikah in majlis Islam songkhla?

  9. You will need to show them some sort of ID. Passports for both of you should be sufficient. No other documents needed.

    You will need to verbally declare that you are a single woman or if you are a divorcee, the divorce papers.

    He will need to declare verbally that he does not currently have four wives.

    Call up Ustaz Ismail (+66872888963) for further details.

    I do not know the procedures to register your marriage in Singapore but I guess it does not defer much from Malaysia. You might need to get your Consular to verify the Marriage Certs before you can register it in Singapore. I suggest you do that (register the marriage) to safeguard your rights as a wife.

  10. do u knw if they hv any website for the majlis Islam of songkhla?how much do we hv to pay for nikah eg.fee for the kadi or other fee charges?

  11. by the way,if we go there on our own,would the council provide us the wali or we have to find our own?

  12. assalam..can you explain briefly about your experience to songkhla?how about the transportation? i found that agents packages will not be less than RM 1000. thank you

  13. Salam,

    To the first question, I have searched and could not find the website yet for MAIS. I am in the process of translating the blog in English so that more readers will be able to use the information.

    Read (using Google Translate) http://nikahhatyaisiam.blogspot.com/2010/08/nikah-siam-final-konsulat-malaysia.html
    to get information on the cost. In the comments section also contains more information about cost and how to get there.

    You do not need to bring your own wali (although it is always useful and recommended if the wali is available) because the Kadhi himself can declare that he is a "Wali Raja" meaning he can be the wali himself.

    Like I said earlier, I am in the process of translating the blog but you can use Google Translate (although the translation need to be worked on to be understood) to read my blog to get the information that you need. More information can also be gleamed from the comments section that comes from some of the readers that have followed my basic plan and arrangements but with their own modifications and discoveries.

    Whatever way you choose to go, please share you experiences as I am planning to add your stories in "Success Stories", a section of the blog I will dedicate to those that have gone there and successfully got married so that other like minded persons will be able to do the same. The more information made available, the better it will be for everybody.

  14. itu ibnu-marzuki dah tak bikin kacau dlm ini blog ya..?
    nikahsiam, pls re-arrange the blog supaya nampak kemas.


  15. hi anonymous, have u gone thru the marriage in songkhla? if yes, i need some advice as im going there next week. i dont wish to get any agent to arrange for this.


  16. do u have MAIS contact no? the telephone no given by nikah siam is automated and spoke in thai language eventho i hv press 2 for english speaking...


  17. Salam Julz,

    I suggest that you read the comments section in another part of the blog as it contains some more additional information that you have asked. It may be in Malay but you can get the gist of what is said by using Google Translate.

    Unfortunately in Southern Thailand, English is not as widely spoken as Malay and of course, Thai itself.

  18. Salam Nikah Siam,

    which is the another part of the blog? Im leaving to hat yai this sunday and we are going to MAIS first thing on MOnday morning. Both of us are Singaporean Muslim who wish to nikah there....


  19. Salam Nikah Siam,

    Can i know where is the consulate of singapore in hat yai? Is it at songkhla too?


  20. hello. i am planning to go hatyai in early january. both of us a singaporean.
    i appreciate it if ms julz is able to contact me as there are alot that i wish to know from her.


  21. Salam,

    @julz: Sorry but I do not know the location. And again sorry for the late reply. BUT, hopefully by this time, you would have been happily married to the partner of your choice. Alhamdulillah and congratulations...

    @Anonymous: Please include contact details to make it easier for people to contact you. Create a new disposable email add just for this purpose....

  22. It is very simple.
    Take a flight to Haatyai
    Then either go direct to Songkhla Islamic Council (Majlis Agama Islam Songkhla).

  23. As-Salamu Alaikum

    Bro, Do I need to make an appointment with Songkhla Islamic Council in advance, or can I just arrive and expect an instant Nikah? :-)

    If I need to call them first, could you please post their phone number for me? I haven't been able to find their number yet.

    Jazak Allah Khair

  24. Wassalam,

    Sorry for the late reply. Just came back from a job overseas. You do not have to call them up to make an appointment. However, you can try calling Ustaz Ismail if you want to make one....

  25. Assalamu'alaikum Can I marry a Thai (muslim) as well or is there a different procedure that I have to go through. FYI my nikah to a Thai muslim was performed by an Imam arranged by my wife's family in Bangkok BUT I dont see any marriage certificate after the nikah. I would like to have a proper document so that I can register in Malaysia. Can another nikah be done at Majlis Agama Islam Songkhla to get a Nikah certificate so that I can register at the Malaysian Consulate? Appreciate your kind advise.

  26. There should not be any problem marrying a Thai Muslim. There are a couple of Malaysian men that I know personally who got married to Southern Thai women as there are a shortage of men especially in the Southern Thai Provinces. I suggest you get in touch with the Imam that married you or the Muslim Council of Bangkok regarding your predicament. Ask your wife and tell her you want to get your marriage registered in Malaysia.

    You can also try to contact Ustaz Ismail (+66872888963, for more information. I am quite sure he will be able to help. Please be advised however that whenever he is in Pattani, Yala or Golok, he is uncontactable.

    1. There are a couple of Malaysian men that I know personally who got married to Southern Thai women as there are a shortage of men especially in the Southern Thai Provinces

      Isd there anyone you know who can help me find a muslim thai girl for marriage?
      Is the islamic committee offering any such service?
      Pls email to m.a.naseem@gmail.com

    2. There are a couple of Malaysian men that I know personally who got married to Southern Thai women as there are a shortage of men especially in the Southern Thai Provinces

      Isd there anyone you know who can help me find a muslim thai girl for marriage?
      Is the islamic committee offering any such service?
      Pls email to m.a.naseem29@gmail.com ( previous email was incorrect)

  27. salam, bole x we comunicate in mail? ade soaln peribadi yg perlu sy tanya. thanks tika_aziq@yahoo.com.my


  28. saya nak tahu tempat untuk berkawin 2?
    ade owg boley bawa?
    dari wat dosa btter marry

  29. Salam.

    I LoVe YOu: Saya cadangkan anda baca semua isi kandungan blog ni termasuk ruangan komen untuk dapatkan info yg anda perlukan.

  30. No wonder orang cam HANI ramai kena tebuk tupai


    Cant bezakan antara gaduh & forum... LOL!

  31. hi. i would like to know what is the procedure for nikaah at the Islamic Council of Songkhla? what steps do they follow and how do they do it?

  32. Sesiapa boleh tolong saya untuk dapatkan email the islamic council of songkhla... sila email saya zauleka@gmail.com

  33. salam..maaf nak tnya sikit..kalu kita g berurusan sendiri senang ke x utk ambil dokumen n sume2 tu..sbb kita g tnpa knl sape2..tkut2 pegi pjbt tu xde org layan..huhu

  34. salam..alhamdulillah sy tlh selamat nikah di thai dengan bantuan encik ismail seperti yg disarankan oleh tuan blog ni..
    di sini sy ingin berkongsi sedikit detail wang yg habis utk berkahwin..
    cop masuk thai rm1
    bayar pejabat agama rm450
    bayar fotostat di pejabat agama rm2
    hotel rm70 (ada yg semurah rm30)
    simkad + topup rm10 (utk kecemasan n jika perlu)
    makan rm50 (3 kali makan berat)
    pengesahan dokumen di konsular rm50
    upah encik ismail utk 2hari rm400
    cop keluar thai rm1
    total sume:rm1034
    ini bertarikh 6 november 2013..dulu2 x kena bayar pun utk pengesahan..x tahu la kenapa sekarang kena bayar..

    so kalo ejen ambik rm1500 +- tu kira ok la..yg ambil sampai rm3000 tu rase macam melampau sangat..cakap nak tolong orang..
    encik ismail baik orangnya dan senang nak mintak tolong..
    utk lebih detail boleh add ym sy wat_lolok@yahoo.com
    sy sudi berkongsi jika ada masa terluang..

  35. very interesting story!!! saya dan pasangan saya ingin nikah di sana sebab bapa saya tidak restu kami berdua. thank yoy for the interesting experiences shared. :)

  36. Assalamualaikum. Saya amat menyokong usaha murni "nikahhatyaisiam.blogspot.com" dalam memberi panduan kepada pasangan yang berhasrat bernikah di Thailand tanpa menggunakan khidmat agen. Namun begitu pasangan perlu berhati-hati apabila berada di Selatan Thailand. Kebanyakan pasangan tidak dapat menyempurnakan hasrat murni mereka akibat masalah komunikasi (dalam bahasa siam). Akibatnya, ramai pasangan yang di"pau" oleh kutu-kutu jalanan yang bertaburan di sekitar Hatyai/Thailand dan mereka terpaksa menghabiskan wang lebih dari RM2,000 bagi meneruskan hasrat murni mereka. Ada juga pasangan yang pulang hanya dengan sekeping sijil nikah. Dan yang paling menyedihkan, ada yang pulang dengan tangan yang kosong apabila usaha mereka terbantut di separuh jalan akibat masalah komunikasi.

    1. Kami di "Alfaiz Consultancy" cuba membantu pasangan yang berhasrat untuk bernikah di Songkhla dengan menawarkan khidmat Nikah di Majlis Agama Islam Songkhla dengan harga pakej yang berpatutan (RM1,500 sahaja). Untuk maklumat lanjut boleh hubungi kami di talian 013-335 2275 (Ustaz Faiz) atau layari: alfaizconsultancy.blogspot.com

    2. Ini rupanya permainan dia. Menakutkan pembaca dgn cerita dongeng kemudian menawarkan khidmat sebagai agent. Maaf tapi nama jer ustaz tapi menipu.

      Pembaca boleh membaca sendiri komen mereka yg telah berjaya. SEMUANYA menceritakan betapa MUDAHnya untuk melaksanakan hasrat mereka apabila NIAT mereka betul. InsyaAllah perjalanan anda akan dipermudahkan dengan niat yg betul dan ikhlas. 

      Tak percaya? Baca sendiri komen sampai habis....

  37. Hi, macamana prosedure untuk bercerai di sana?

    1. Saya tak ada pengalaman bercerai di sana tetapi from what I have gathered in another blog, anda perlu ada bukti kukuh penceraian berlaku(talak dijatuhkan) serta perlu bawa saksi untuk mengesahkan penceraian tersebut. Bagi pihak lelaki pula hanya perlu menyerahkan kembali sijil nikah dan menyatakan anda dah bercerai dan hendakkan sijil cerai.

  38. Salam...saya nak tanya,contact no. ustaz ismail tu masih applicable ke sekarang ni? Kalo untuk sekarang ni,anggaran kos brape yer untuk pergi sendri tanpa menggunakan agen? pejabat agama di sana bukak tak hari ahad? Betul ke sekarang ni memerlukan masa 2 hari untuk pejabat konsult keluarkan surat? (amni)

    1. Maaf kerana lambat jawab. Saya rasa jawapan kepada soalan dah dijawab di ruangan lain. Setahu saya, no Ustaz Ismail masih applicable dan MAIS buka hari Ahad. Tetapi pejabat Konsular tutup hari Ahad dan memang betul memerlukan 2 hari untuk mendapatkan pengesahan dari Konsulat. Hari ni hantar, esok ambik....


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