08 May 2011

Nikah Siam - (Part 1). Arrived at Hat Yai.

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Many blogs I've read gives the reader on tips on how to get married in Siam @ Thailand. Almost all require that you contact them to obtain more information and offer more services. The problem is, the services offered are not free

Why would you actually need to ask for help when you can manage it by yourself and arrange your marriage with the cost coming in to LESS than RM1000 and complete the whole process in LESS than a day!

How you should do it is by following what I did in Hat Yai with some modifications to suit you. I arranged my own marriage in Thailand without the help from anyone/agent except for a street trader named Ismail.

I planned my marriage using a little bit of the information that is available on the Internet today. From the beginning, I did not like to 'travel' in a group - ie 'packaged Tours, as I am the kind of person who like to plan my own "adventures" and like to "explore" the sights and sounds on my own. So when I read and got information on marriage @ wedding packages in Thailand @ Siam, I was not interested. I was also very worried because too many people have fallen and become a victim of fraud and false marriage syndicates offering fake marriage certificates which is more prevalent in the Southern District of Thailand and the Northern parts of the Peninsular Malaysia.

In order to minimise the risk of being cheated and caught in the syndicates (because I do not know personally any of them) and so that I can control my own trip, I decided to manage and arrange the trip myself. InsyaAllah(if God's willing), if what we Pray, wish and hope for is right, everything will be smooth without much of an obstacles.

This is the real story on what I did and my experiences.

I chose to start my journey with the Ekspres Langkawi (EL 8) that actually continues all the way to Hat Yai. Usually the train will depart at 2110hrs but was a bit delayed tonight to 2145hrs. The delay was not that long. The good thing about using the train is that you can choose the sleeper berth (RM60) meaning that when you arrive Hat Yai the next morning, you will be fresh because of sleep. Arrived in Hat Yai at about 1030hrs. Do not be alarmed once you are there is to see people simply crossing the railway line to go to the other side. This is apparently normal in Thailand. Just make sure you look left and right before crossing the track as you do when you cross the road in Malaysia.

When I got out of the station, I immediately took a 'tuk-tuk' to the Garden Home Hotel. After bargaining, I paid Baht50 (RM5) for two people. I checked-in upon arriving. Because I  had already planned my "Honeymoon" in Hatyai, I booked a room for 3days/2night. Usually after a long journey, the body will normally feels a bit tired. My future wife (at that time, now, now she is my wife Oooo!) suggested that we take a break and lie down and have a rest :-p. But because I had planned to get married here, I told her  "Gi mandi nung, kito teruh gi jupo tok kadi. Watpo nok tunggu lagi?(Go and have a shower quickly, we need to go and see the Kadhi. Why should we wait?)"......

Continued .......

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